2021 Mission Update

It’s now exactly one year since we have received the “Hold, Hold, Hold” command* for our 2020 mission.

We’ve continued to prepare our mission, then posponed to March 2021.
We’ve continued to elaborate scientific experiments to be realised at the Mars Desert Research Station int the Utah desert, USA.
We’ve continued to share our passion about space exploration.

We have now received the confirmation that our 2021 mission would have to be cancelled too. Covid-19 restrictions have made us unable to be granted permission to the United States. This is a major setback for our team, as we have been working towards this adventure for the past 2 years.

However, this will not stop us sharing our interest, passion and excitement about space. Our next mission is in one year and we are already preparing that one. And you can be a part of that mission


We would like to thank our sponsors who have accompanied us during these hard times. They made it possible for us to prepare as well as we could, despite the hardships and the setbacks, for the 2 missions that were planned. We will continue to honour our agreements.


See you soon with good news, we hope !



* typical command for arborting a rocket liftoff