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All our missions at the Mars Desert Research Station are realized by motivated and passionate students and PhDs from UCLouvain
Interested in being a part of this exciting project by simulating a two week scientific mission on Mars ? 

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We are recruiting !

To further expand Mars’ exploration we are looking for motivated and passionate people.

As a member of the M.A.R.S. UCLouvain 2023 crew, you will spend a year preparing for the 2-week simulation mission at the Mars Desert Research Station in March-April 2023. This preparation will consist of gathering the needed budget by contacting sponsors, designing and developing scientific experiments, sharing and getting people excited about space exploration, meeting passionate and interesting people and getting your space suit all ready and shiny.

The deadline to send in your CV and motivation letter is the 1st of May 2022. Send your application to
Don’t forget to mention which role you’re interested in and what scientific experiment you would like to realize.

As a big part of the mission consists in the development of a scientific experiment, we advise you to look at what has previously been done to get some inspiration. Of course, we always appreciate original and exciting new ideas.
We are trying to professionalize the experiments by, for example, partnering up with the industry. So do not hesitate to propose a collaboration with academics or companies. We can get you oriented with this if you wish to. In doing so, the experiments developped during the project have a much larger impact, which we highly value.

For Whom ?

We are looking for talent and passion in all fields, from Engineering and Sciences to Sociology, Law and Arts. You can apply for this project if you are a UCLouvain student (bachelor, master or PhD).
Afraid of not fitting ? Please don’t ! We’ve had a large variety of people participating already (you’d be surprised!) and the more diverse the team, the better !


More information ?

Any other questions ? Take a look at the events we are organizing to meet us and to get to know us better. Or simply reach out to us (please do!) – by mail or directly through our social pages!

More information about the specific roles we are looking for is available below and on our social pages.