M.A.R.S. UCLouvain 2020-21 – Crew 227

Our team, M.A.R.S. UCLouvain 2020-21, is the 227th crew to take part in the MDRS project since its beginnings in 2001. It is also the 9th team from UCLouvain. Our crew is composed of PhD and Master students.

The rotation that was assigned to us starts the 28th of March 2021 and ends two weeks later, the 10th of April. Initialy, we were planned for April 2020, but our mission was posponed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Log Book
Covid-19 Measures
March 19th 2020
Preparing our experiments for the mission
February 17th 2020

Have a look at what we will be realising during our stay at the Mars Desert Research Station.

New sponsor ! Thanks SABCA
January 21th 2020

SABCA is, once again, supporting UCL to Mars. 
We even had a visit at their headquarters in Brussels !

News from previous years’ crew
November 17th 2019

When UCL to Mars is used as a stepping stone in research projects.

Read the article about the implications of Michael‘s project 2 years ago.

The 2020 Crew presentation
October 22th 2019

Meet Crew 227, leaving for Mars April 2020.

From left to right:
Cyril Wain (Crew Astonomer)
Elisabeth Mauclet (Crew Journalist)
Maxime de Streel (Crew Engineer)
Kilian Dekoninck (Crew Commander)
Ophélie Remy (Crew Scientist)
Brieuc de Voghel (Crew Executive Officer)
Arthur Monhonval (Crew GreenHab Officer)
Audrey Comein (Crew Health and Safety Officer)