Mobile telecommunication relays with drones

This project aims at developing a communication system between crew members taking part to an EVA on Mars and the main station. This system does not need satellites, magnetic fields or antenna. It is based on the use of drones which rely the signal to the station and vice versa. The experiment will focus on two subjects: how to localize the drones from the station and how to localize the crew in EVA from the drone.

The drone will carry accelerators which allow to integrate its speed and its position in space. The members in EVA will carry an emitter which sends signal at regular intervals, allowing to the drone to know its position with respect to the emitter. Afterward, the drone will make some operations for knowing its position with this information.

Benefits are double. On the one hand, the drone’s mobility will improve the range and the quality of the telecommunications, since it can adapt itself to the rugged terrain to maintain a sufficient transmission signal. On the other hand, the drone will be able to map surrounding areas and indicate to the base in real-time the EVA members’s position.