Cartography with drones & MDRS drone monitoring

The project involves the use of a drone in the field of geomatics for a mission at the MDRS. Establishing a detailed and interactive mapping of the environment close to the station is a relevant objective. Indeed, carrying out efficient and secure missions is only made possible by studying the relief, the gradients and the zones of interest of the surface of Mars. The combined use of drone imaging and satellite imagery provides a complete mapping. This data will be processed digitally to obtain a complete map of the area surrounding the MDRS.

The crew engineer function could be made more efficient by using drones. The crew engineer is responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the research station, and his/her function could be made more efficient by using drone. The objective of the project is to evaluate the utility of drones to access inaccessible areas and to take photographs to ensure the integrity of the base. We will analyse the feasibility of such a project in the difficult conditions of a space mission on Mars.